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What Our Clients Say

Victoria Sale

Former Chief Learning Officer

Camden Coalition of Healthcare


When I look back at my career, I truly believe Nadia anchored my pathway in leadership. It’s been nearly five years since we worked together, and I still find myself channeling her empathy and way of being with people. Her technical abilities match her strategic and leadership skills. I hope everyone has the opportunity to work with leaders coached by Nadia in the course of their career. Her presence truly shifts the energy of an organization. 

Kerry Maiorca


Bloom Yoga Studio

Nadia's diversity, equity and inclusion workshop was an engaging, empowering and informative experience for our team. It was fun, too! Nadia thoroughly covered an incredible amount of ground and there was never a dull moment. One of Nadia's great gifts in facilitation is how she uses personal storytelling and humor to make difficult and uncomfortable work feel accessible to all.

Elvira Ramos


Community Foundation

Boulder County

I truly enjoyed working with Nadia. Her understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness is thorough and she is able to share what she knows clearly and in a respectful and gentle manner.    She humbly shares of herself and draws participation from the group with whom she is working to share their own insights.  She is an exceptional facilitator, wise and kind while helping a group to move along and steering them toward their goals.   

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