Trainings and Workshops

Group Meeting

We provide customized, interactive trainings and workshops for groups of various sizes. Our trainings and workshops incorporate adult learning principles, storytelling and human-centered design.

Topics include: 

- Understanding unconscious bias

- Diversity, equity and inclusion 101

- How to practice allyship

- Examining power and privilege

- Cultural competency

- Inclusive leadership 

- Diversity, differences and conflict

- Impacts of implicit biases in hiring and recruiting

Leadership Coaching

Business Meeting at a Cafe

We provide customized and personalized coaching for leaders, building their capacity for inclusive leadership and creating a plan to achieve their short and long-term organizational goals. Sessions can be organized as one-on-one or for a small group of leaders.  A coaching framework is developed in collaboration with leaders and provides the opportunity to delve into multiple aspects of inclusive leadership.


Inclusive leadership traits include:

- Commitment

- Courage

- Cognizance of bias

- Curiosity 

- Cultural intelligence

- Collaboration

Organizational Strategy

Business Team

As an external partner, we examine various parts of an organization and devise strategies to promote diversity, foster a more inclusive culture and develop equitable practices.

Some examples of how we can support organizational strategy include:

- Reviewing a company's hiring and interviewing processes

- Evaluating communications and meeting practices

- Examining organizational processes and policies around DEI

- Facilitating focus groups to understand an organization's current